Wages & Jobs

ADA has long been a leader in pushing to raise base wages. We continue to rally, educated, and lobby to increase the federal minimum wage and to include indexing so that the livelihoods of America’s dedicated but lowest wage earners are not the constant subject of political posturing.

ADA believes in a fight for Fair Trade. The global race to the bottom is hurting our workers, our economy, our environment leading to the decimation of communities here in the United States and exploitation abroad. We believe in a comprehensive and open trade negotiating process and that enforcement of trade agreements is essential.

Investment in infrastructure and key services not only helps provide much needed byways and solutions, it also provides good jobs. From cities and states on up to the federal level, ADA encourages elected officials to invest in the long term instead of submitting to short term thinking. “Penny wise and Pound foolish” does not work for our communities or for good jobs.