Defend Our Democracy Today!

In 2023, voters in key states stood up and fought back against threats to our democracy. In 2024 the threats to our democracy are even greater!  WE CAN STOP THE MAGA REPUBLICANS! With your support, WE WILL defend OUR democracy and turn back the Trump threat in 2024!

This year will marks the third year since the January 6th insurrection and Trump is now poised to lead us into an authoritarian nightmare.  Now is the time WE ALL MUST dig in and work in every way possible to protect our American democracy.  If we sit by idly we will see the same organized mob maneuver their way into the very fabric of our democracy and begin to unravel it at the core.

Make no mistake, MAGA Republicans are well organized and, despite their crazy, are marching together and making it clear that undermining the strength of American democracy is their objective. This past year alone Republicans in Ohio tried the bait-and-switch tactic on abortion rights ballot measures, North Carolina Republicans gerrymandered congressional maps to lock in an anti-majoritarian conservative congressional advantage and Republican leaders outwardly refused to denounce Trump and his hate-filled agenda.

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) was proud to FIGHT BACK 2023 by working on critical programs to stop Republican power grabs. Take a look at our success below.  Now we are ready to take on Trump and his posse in 2024, but we need your help.  Learn more about becoming an ADA Defender of Democracy below. We thank you for your support!

With every state legislative seat up for grabs, ADA helped Virginia voters squash (Trump sycophant) Governor Youngkin’s dreams of turning Virginia into a conservative haven.

All eyes were on Issue One in Ohio, where a critical vote on reproductive freedom was held on Nov. 7th. Despite numerous anti-democratic tricks by Ohio’s Republican leaders, voters overwhelmingly passed Issue One, securing women’s rights to control their bodies and health.

In Pennsylvania, voters (again) sent a clear message to Trump and his posse of anti-women, hate-filled candidates. The SePa ADA endorsed candidate for Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, Dan McCaffery, trounced the Republican candidate.

become an ada defender of democracy today!

NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We are looking for just 500 ADA members to become part of an elite Defenders of Democracy Club. ADA’s Defenders of Democracy Club will be ADA’s top donors and activists who will help us reach our program goals in 2024.  We hope you will join us today!

Defenders of Democracy Club Membership Requirements and Benefits Include:

→ A donation of $24/month to ADA for all of 2024. These funds will be used to kickstart our 2024 voter education work, sustain our efforts throughout the year, and finish strong next fall;

Receive an official ADA Defender of Democracy card to show off to your friends and family;

Receive a commemorative ADA Founder’s Day poster;

Gain exclusive and early access to the ADA Voting Record;

Make your voice heard by participating in one, none or all of ADA’s Defenders of Democracy planning meetings, where we discuss targeted races, candidates and campaign strategy.  All meetings will be held via Zoom;

Be apart of our 75-year history;

Eligible for a nomination to the national board.

Preserving Democracy Is Not Easy

Benjamin Franklin said that the founding fathers gave us “a republic, if [we] can keep it.” 

Help us preserve democracy today!