November 7. 2020
President-elect Joseph Biden
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris
Biden Transition

Congratulations, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) was proud to endorse your campaign and look forward to working with your new administration to move the country forward.

ADA knows that time is critical to take bold action on numerous critical issues facing our country. The Biden-Harris administration must move immediately to implement a sweeping strategy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, protect and expand health preferably through a Medicare for All plan, bold action on climate change, create a Presidential Commission on Race and implement reforms, and enact comprehensive voting rights expansion to protect and expand our democracy, countless reversals of Trump executive orders, and so much more.

With the possibility of a conservative majority in the United States Senate, ADA recognizes that these actions may be an uphill battle but we stand ready to push hard, speak up, and get into good trouble as our former ADA National President, the late Representative John Lewis, would say to help make these critical ideas a reality.

Yours in the fight for truth and justice,

Kurt Meyer, National Executive Committee Chair

Don Kusler, National Director