ADA Voting Records

Since ADA’s founding in 1947, the Annual Voting Records have served as the standard measure of political liberalism. Combining 20 key votes on a wide range of social and economic issues, both domestic and international, the Liberal Quotient (LQ) provides a basic overall picture of an elected official’s political position.

Each year, ADA’s Legislative Committee selects 20 votes it considers the most important during that session. ADA’s National Board and/or National Executive Committee approves those votes. Each member receives 5 points if he/she voted with ADA, and does not receive 5 points if he/she voted against us or was absent. The total possible is 100.

ADA’s Voting Records and the Liberal Quotient are used widely by discerning voters, researchers, scholars, journalists and students. Our Voting Records have been widely mimicked by other organizations of all political stripes.

Download the 2021 Voting Record here.

A recent example of research using the ADA Voting Records is here.

The files below are in Adobe PDF format. These and additional ADA Voting Records dating back to 1947 are also available in excel format by e-mail at



Download Past Voting Records

Voting Records for past years are available by selecting a year from the drop-down box below.  Depending on your browser configuration, the document will either open in the same window or download to your downloads folder.