ADA unequivocally condemns the violent and barbaric Hamas terror attack on innocent Israeli citizens.
ADA urges the sparing of civilian lives in this conflict and continues to support peace and a two-state solution.

Americans for Democratic Action Urges Ceasefire, Solidarity Against Slaughter

In the wake of October’s barbaric and deplorable violence by Hamas, we have seen many statements and demonstrations proclaiming Solidarity with Israel, and many words and events around the world proclaiming Solidarity with Palestine.

Despite our empathy for Israelis anguished and rightfully enraged over barbarous attacks on innocent civilians, and for Palestinians anguished and rightfully angry over years of oppression and abuses under military occupation –indeed BECAUSE of empathy with victims of both kinds — those who look to avert further tragedies and bloodshed must not be taking simplistic stands of “solidarity” with either Israel or Palestine. ADA instead calls for solid opposition to war crimes by all parties, attacks on civilians by any forces, and for a solid stance by the U.S. government against escalation of the current crisis.

  • To minimize the likelihood of such escalation, and its costs in innocent lives, ADA urges the prompt release by Hamas of all civilian hostages, beginning with the immediate and unconditional release of children, the elderly and the medically infirm.
  • Whereas an escalation of bombing or attempted occupation of Gaza risks a wider war involving other Middle East actors, ADA stands with the United Nations and world opinion in calling for an immediate cessation of bombing of civilian targets and orders for mass evacuations.
  • Whereas no party can effectively bomb its way to a lasting peace or stable security, ADA urges Congress to take a measured and carefully critical position on expanding military assistance to Israel, limiting that aid to purely defensive weaponry and not to providing equipment likely to be used against civilian populations.
  • Whereas such an escalation and the likelihood of U.S. forces being drawn in is increasingly apparent and a serious danger to Americans, both military and civilian, at home and abroad, ADA commends and supports the courageous call of some 18 progressive and peace-minded Congress members for a cease-fire.  We urge members of Congress who have not yet joined the cease-fire call to do so.

Whereas the seeds of antisemitism and of Islamophobia linger just below the surface in America as in many countries, the escalation of Israeli-Arab conflict in the Middle East poses a threat to Jewish and Muslim Americans, a secondary but important reason for the U.S. government and all Americans to bend their utmost efforts toward a peaceful and just solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict involving a two state solution.