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ADA Welcomes New President

Posted Jan 09 2017 at 1:26 PM
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ADA is proud to announce that Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach (D-17th District) will be the next president of Americans for Democratic Action. His proven leadership and stellar record on progressive issues makes him an ideal choice to lead ADA into our work resisting Trump, recruiting the next generation of liberal leaders and activists, and rebuilding progressive infrastructure around the country.

Senator Leach represents parts of Montgomery and Delaware counties in the suburbs and exurbs of Philadelphia and has served in the Pennsylvania Senate since 2009 after serving 6 years on the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Senator Leach practiced law for 16 years as well as teaching law before beginning public service.

Daylin serves as the minority chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also serves as a member on the State Government, Policy, Education, Environmental Resources & Energy and Appropriations Committees.

Daylin is known as the leading progressive voice in the Pennsylvania legislature. He has championed countless important causes including marriage equality, repeal of the Voter ID law, environmental stewardship, and redistricting reform and campaign finance reform. In recent years he has received legislative achievement awards from environmental, educational, animal rights and human rights organizations.

"I am honored to be named president of such a storied organization and humbled by the confidence the ADA has placed in me,” says Senator Leach. “Since I first became interested in the political process as a young boy, I've been well-familiar with ADA's reputation and good works. There is no organization which has been more important in advancing progressive goals and values over the past 70 years. I shall aspire to help guide ADA through this challenging time in our nation's history, in a manner consistent with the awesome legacy of those who came before me."

Senator Leach is the 28th president of ADA, replacing former U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), who served for the last 6 years. Past ADA presidents include Senator Hubert Humphrey, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., John Kenneth Galbraith, Senator Paul Wellstone and Representatives Patsy T. Mink, Barney Frank, and John Lewis.

“Senator Leach is an outspoken progressive activist and legislator. He is exactly the kind of leader ADA needs at this critical time as we seek to focus our efforts on growth in infrastructure and action at the state and local level. We are looking forward to working with him to continue to create progressive change in America,” said Don Kusler, ADA National Director.

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