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Tell Congress NO Fast Track!

The push to Fast Track the TPP would mean that Congressional debated would be limited to only 20 hours and no amendments would be allowed to the trade deal, bypassing constitutional checks and balances.  

We need to protect our economy and our workers by telling Congress to oppose Fast Track legislation.  

Use ADA’s easy online action tools to email your Representatives nowand urge them to oppose Fast Track legislation.  

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The link between inequality and poverty in our schools

Much as I admire Wade Henderson, president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, I think he received poor advice in calling standardized testing a civil rights issue, as reported in the front page of The Washington Post on April 11. I understand where he’s coming from: shame states into doing something about the poor education received by poor, minority children.  


Why UNCLOS Matters

Despite the arguments of a select group of conservative senators, ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is in the best interests of the United States.


The Yemen Crisis

Yemen could be the next huge destabilizing factor in the Middle East. Despite airstrikes conducted by a Saudi-led coalition of Arab countries this week, Houthi rebels have continued to make territorial gains throughout the country, as the sitting president Abdu Rabu Mansour’s position looks increasingly tenuous.


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