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Campaign Wrap-Up: All Eyes on Iowa Senate Race; Big Early Vote in Indiana; Tight Hawaiian U.S. House Race

Tuesday will tell if ADA was able to tip the balance in the biggest political race of the organization's recent history. All eyes will be on Iowa Election Day, as control of the United States Senate hinges on whether progressive candidate Bruce Braley, with massive ADA support, prevails over conservative Joni Ernst. Meanwhile, in Indiana, heavier-than-expected early voting bodes well for Democrats, but in blue Hawaii a Congressional district may turn red.

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The Outrage of “Tipped Wages”

Chances are that most people think waiters and waitresses endure a minimum wage of $7.25, so our 20% tip might help lift them out of poverty. Wrong! 


Why You Should be Asking Where Candidates stand on the EITC and the Child Tax Credit

Each of us should question where all candidates for federal office stand on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). These are benefits received by low-wage working families. Especially if Congress fails to raise the minimum wage, the EITC and CTC are both vital to prevent low-wage working families from drowning. Unless Congress acts to make the EITC and CTC permanent, it will expire in 2017, leaving 17 million people, including 8 million children, deeper in poverty.


Congress Needs to Act Now to Halt Corporate “Inversion” Schemes

Walgreens wants to renounce its U.S. “citizenship” and become a Swiss firm. Pfizer has been attempting to become a U.K. firm. Mylan, a long-time stalwart of the Pittsburgh economy(who’s CEO was recently named “Patriot of the Year”) wants to become a “citizen” of the Netherlands. Chicago-based AbbVie is paying $54 billion to buy Shire, so that it can become an Irish company. Corporate "inversion" is a growing problem!


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